Leveraging Adversity

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Claire Nana LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over twelve years of experience specializing in trauma, addictions and post-traumatic growth. After experiencing her own horrific trauma -- the murder of her father, incarceration of her mother, and later, her mother’s attorney accusing her of murdering her own father, all in the public eye -- Nana made a decision that would later explain what she came to know as post traumatic growth. Nana took what she had left -- her life -- and decided make it the best she could. To date, she has completed thirty nine marathons, three 50 miles races, and nine 100 mile races to honor her father. She has written over fifteen continuing education courses to improve two areas she is passionate about -- running, and therapy. And she has helped countless individuals and families to realize that even when their world seems shatter around them and trauma breaks them apart, there can be growth -- and sometimes the most powerful kind.

Claire now operates a blog on Psychcentral called “Leverage Adversity” which can be found at http://blogs.psychcentral.com/leveraging-adversity/

She also teaches and writes about post-traumatic growth, positive psychology and leveraging adversity. More information about Claire can be found at www.clairedorotik-nana.com

Claire’s continuing education courses for clinicians can be found at Zur Institute website (www.zurinstitute.com), under the following links:




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Leveraging Adversity

Claire’s continuing education courses for fitness professionals can be found at International Sports Science Association website (www.issaonline.edu), under the following links:





Claire’s previous books are listed as follows:

On The Back Of A Horse: Harnessing The Healing Power Of The Human-Equine Bond